100 Things That Make Me Happy

I have seen this done on other blogs and I decided to take the challenge to write 100 things that make me happy. Here it goes. I am going to write the first things that come to mind and not make any changes!

1. Family

2. My kids

3. Hearing my kids laugh

4. When Brett laughs so hard he gets tears in his eyes

5. Good quality dark chocolate

6. Finishing a workout

7. Music

8. Playing the piano

9. reading an uplifting blog post

10. Sunshine

11. Rain after a heat wave

12. A crackling fire in the fireplace

13. A good book

14. Potato soup

15. Browsing antique stores or craft boutiques

16. Online shopping

17. Grocery shopping by myself

18. Trips to Utah with the family

19. The beach

20. Going to my kids soccer games

21. finishing a project

22. Organizing

23. Giving homemade gifts

24. Receiving a homemade gift

25. Going to dinner with a girlfriend

26. Going to dinner with my husband

27. Heist movies

28. Children’s literature

29. The smell of my baby

30. Kissing baby necks

31. Clothes that fit

32. Losing weight

33. Getting my hair done

34. Hearing a good Relief Society lesson or talk at church

35. Super Saturday (craft day with the women at church)

36. Long drives

37. A George Winston CD

38. Mexican Food

39. Game night with my mom, sister, and sister-in-laws

40. Catching up with my darling nieces and nephews

41. A long interesting chat with…anyone

42. Watching tv and cuddling with my husband

43. A clean house

44. Watching my kids try something new

45. Going to the park with the kids on a warm day

46. Going for a walk on a sunny day

47. Picking Luca up from the school bus

48. The smell of clean jeans

49. The smell of freshly washed and ironed clothes

50. When I wake up early and have energy

51. Cute comfortable shoes

52. An organized wallet, purse, or diaper bag

53. Seeing a new baby

54. My kids sharing

55. My kids playing pretend

56. Dolls

57. Puzzles

58. Beautiful fabric

59. Finding a great new blog

60. Writing for fun

61. Writing in mine or my kids journal

62. Reading through my kids journal

63. Soft blankets

64. Coconut shrimp

65. Finding money in my pocket

66. They way my kids smell when they are sleeping

67. Reconnecting with an old friend

68. Comments on my blog

69. Looking through old pictures

70. Finding new music that I love

71. Browsing the bookstore or library

72. Watching my kids learn

73. Spraying my kids with the hose on a hot day

74. Doing any project with my mom

75. A nap with one of my kids

76. Chocolate scented candles

77. Good babysitters that say “yes”

78. Late night chats with my husband

79. Coming home from three hours of church (knowing we made it through!)

80. Crockpot meals

81. Stew

82. An empty laundry basket

83. Seeing my babies for the first time

84. A vacuumed out car

85. Sparkling windows

86. Out of town visitors

87. Dinner with friends

88. My kids getting invited to birthday parties

89. Finding a great “unknown” restaurant

90. Good smelling soap

91. Good memories

92. Making memories

93. Listening to my kids tell stories

94. Homemade salsa with good chips

95. Learning about something new

96. Sitting in the sun

97. Air-conditioning

98. Hearing my children pray

99. Hugs and cuddles from my kids

100. Talking and listening to my two month old baby

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