My cousin Wendy posted about how thankful she is for her friends and it made me think about how great my friends are and I thought I would follow her example and mention a few of the blessings they have brought me.

I am thankful for

friends who don’t even know I have been out of town and when I tell them we got back at 5:30am tell me they are coming over to get my kids so I can rest (of course, I blog instead)…then tell me they will bring them home with dinner in their tummies. How lucky am I?!

…friends (no blog to link to, which is too bad, because it would be a good one!)who discover that my front door is open after we have left town. There is no way to lock it from the outside without a key so they think to get the garage door opener out of the car in the garage so they can make sure the house is secure for the remainder of our trip…AND bring in our mail and Amazon deliveries while we are away.

friends and relatives that I rarely get to see and that I have been horrible about keeping in contact with that write blogs so I can keep up on their lives.

friends who always seem to call just when I am ready to pull my hair out with impatience to invite one, two, or three of my kids to come over to play AND tell me they are going to come pick them up and then bring them home.

friends who continue to send me evites to parties, get-togethers, and bunco even though I have to decline 90% of the time.

And thank you to all those I mentioned and the many others who are always teaching me how to be a better friend.

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