Two Lives, Two Beginnings

The oldest and the youngest members of Brett’s family have started new beginnings…

kai and grandma

We got word this morning that Brett’s grandmother passed away in her sleep at about 3:00am…which was two hours before we arrived home from our sixteen hour drive home after visiting with her on Sunday and introducing her to our newest member of the family. Boy are we grateful we made the trip to see her. She had been somewhat confused and having a hard time the few days before we took the kids to see her, but on Sunday she was alert, talking to us, and she smiled almost the entire time we were there as I sat Kai up next to her on her bed. She was so happy to see Luca, Lincoln, and Anna. It had been a year and a half since we had been to Utah and I am sure they looked so much more grown up to her. When we got there she told us she had been waiting to go to sleep until she could meet baby Kai. The kids were quiet, respectful, and loving with her and we were very proud parents. Kai smiled and coo’d and responded to her touch and she stroked his cheeks and hands. It was hard to say goodbye knowing that it was going to be the last time we saw her alive. What a blessing that we were prompted to make that last minute short trip back before she passed away.

This is a picture Brett took of his mom comforting his grandma a day and a half before she passed away.


We love you grandma and we are happy you have been reunited with your sweetheart.

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