What Started as Sharing a Blog I Found Today and Turned into a Whole Lot of Nothing…

You might have to have a total internet geek husband, be an internet geek yourself, know what Twitter is (which automatically qualifies you as a geek), or know who Guy Kawasaki is (again…automatic geek qualification) to enjoy this, but it nearly made me pee my pants from laughing when I read this post and the comments. Granted…it isn’t hard to make me pee my pants these days, but it really is funny.

I will be adding that blog to my blogroll for sure. My blogroll is getting so long that Dooce is going to be in danger of being booted if that ad with the pictures of nasty cellulite stays on her site very long. (Mom, Auntie, and in-laws…maybe don’t do too much searching through her archives or you may be a smidge offended by a few of her comments about mormons. I finally decided if her mormon family and friends can still read her blog and love her I can continue reading and enjoying her blog without sending her hate mail)

As a mom who doesn’t get out nearly enough…I have four children and live in Seattle…”wet dog” is not a smell reserved only for dogs…my house smells like a kennel after a trip to Target with the kids while it is raining…I appreciate finding a great blog that makes me laugh…and this sentence has now achieved that status of my longest sentence ever written in my blog…good work! After going back and reading it, it also achieves the status as my most confusing sentence in my blog. But I am keeping it, because it took me a long time to write. (This is going to make my author/editor friend cry)

Speaking of long sentences…what does “…” mean anyway? Is there a word for “…”? I use it all the time, but I don’t really know if it is proper or what it means. I tried to look it up on Dictionary.com (and googled it) and came up with nada. I looked up “nada” too. I hate it when I misuse a word unintentionally. I do it intentionally all the time and that is okay. Dictionary.com is the website I go to the most since auto-spell check dumbed me down. “Dumbed” is a word. It is in the dictionary. I checked. “Musing” is a word too. I just checked because my mom used it and I wanted to correct her, but she was right. I should know better than to try to correct my mom.

It is now 5:30pm so I better go figure out something to make for dinner or a drive-through to visit soon before my kids go all kawasaki on me. I think I may have misused your new word, but I really like how that sounded. May need to add part 2 to the definition. They do it all the time on Dictionary.com.


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