Deep Freezer Woes

I just went out to get some stew meat from the deep freezer for tomorrow’s dinner. I had to unload the pile of boxes that had accumulated over the past few weeks to get to it. I guess we hadn’t taken anything out of it for awhile. As I opened it the smell hit me first. Then the sight of frozen blood covering the bottom of it. At some point in the past few weeks it went off for some reason and the quarter of a cow’s worth of beef we bought months ago bled all over the freezer. It had turned itself back on and everything was partially refrozen, but I don’t know how long it had been off. I rescued the Hershey’s Cinnamon Chips (because they are hard to find) from the basket at the top. I also grabbed a big bag of walnuts and tossed them all into the freezer in our second fridge. I don’t know if I will dare use them, but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow when the nausea passes. We turned the freezer up to high to get everything as frozen solid as we can before we fill our garbage bin with it Monday morning before the garbage truck comes.

I can still smell the smell from the garage.

It is 1:00am. I am going to go take a shower. And then I might take another one.

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