Your Third Year

Luca, your third year we didn’t think you could possibly get any more energy. We were wrong. You nursery teacher said to me, “We just love Luca’s energy and she is so cute….but we are glad they are not all that way or it would be chaos!”

You loved exploring and seeing new things. Here are a couple pictures from your first time at the beach.

Lu Dad Beach Large Web view

lu in sand

You and Lincoln were great little friends right from the start. You were so happy when we moved Lincoln into your room when he was about six weeks old. When we would put you both down we would hear you softly singing to him afterwards until you fell asleep. When he got a little older you liked to help out by climbing in his crib when he woke up in the morning and undressing him down to his birthday suit so that I could get him dressed for the morning. We would really have to hurry in there once we heard noise or we would end up washing all of the bedding.

You loved books and you would line up the books you wanted read to you each night and we had to read them in the exact order that you picked. That part was very important. Your favorites were your Rolie Polie Olie books, Hop on Pop, and Oh the Wonderful Things Mr. Brown Can Do.

LucaReading 002 Large Web view

You were also very artistic and loved to draw and write. Your dad would travel for work once in awhile and after dropping him off at the airport one time we went home and you went in and got your some paper and crayons and started drawing airplanes. I thought it was pretty neat that you remembered so well what they looked like at only two and a half.

You also liked to create art on your body. This must have been a day that you were feeling really happy because you drew smiley faces all over your body.

Body Art Large Web view

You loved to sing and there was something about the grocery store that especially brought out the rock star in you. The entire time I would shop you would sing at the top of your lungs. “ABC’s”, “Give Said the Little Stream, “…”Hey Now, You’re A Rock Star”. I would hear people in the next aisle laughing as you sang your little heart out.

Another great year with our Luca Belle!

3rd Year Mosaic


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