Your Fourth Year

Your 4th year was a very busy one Luca. Your little sister Anna was born one month after your 3rd birthday. You were so excited to have a sister. You came to the hospital to see her when she was about twelve hours old and you were in awe.



A few weeks later we made a big move to Utah. You were sad to leave “the red house” and all your friends and especially your cousins Aubree, Curtis, and Mikayla, but you were very excited to be staying with Grandma and Grandpa Nordquist for awhile. We finally decided to settle in Ivins, Utah and the only consolation to leaving your Ogden grandparents was that you would be living around the corner from your grandma and grandpa Henke.

We moved to sunny, warm Ivins a week or two before Halloween. We loved the sunshine and beautiful red rock! Here is a picture of you dressed up for Halloween.

princess lu

One day when I was working in the kitchen and your dad was working on his computer I could hear you mumbling something. I heard your dad say, “what did you say?”, and you said much louder, “I am SICK of my Mommy!” Dad and I busted up laughing. I still don’t know what I did to you that day to get on your nerves so bad.

Here are you and your brother and sister ready for church at Christmas time.

christmas kids

We spent a lot of time outside in Ivins. You and Lincoln would wake up, eat breakfast, and then run outside to play until lunchtime. Then you would eat lunch and go back outside to play until nap time. We went for walks almost every day with grandpa’s big yellow wagon. Our favorite treat was to walk three blocks down to the only little gas station in town and get nachos and a drink.

Your dad worked less than ten minutes away and we were able to spend more time together as a family during those months than we ever had. We often picked him up to go to lunch or he would come home to eat with us. We enjoyed the slower pace of life and built many great memories in the ten months we were there.

Here are some pictures from your 4th year.

4th Year Mosaic


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