Your Fifth Year

The first few months of your fifth year were were still living in Ivins, Utah. Just On your 4th birthday your cousins from Seattle came to visit. We didn’t tell you they were coming and surprised you on your birthday by knocking on our door. I have never seen you as excited and surprised as you were when you opened the door and saw your cousins that you had missed so much. You got very silly and goofy and started shrieking and running in circles.

It was fun for you to have more cousins living close by while we were living there. Here are some of your cousins sitting with you in grandma and grandpa’s tree.

Girl Cousins

That tree was a popular place to get pictures taken. I even have some pictures of me in it when I was a little girl.

Here are some pictures your Uncle Warren took of you at grandma and grandpa’s house.

Lu and Linc in tree

lu ivy

While your cousins were visiting we spent a day picnicking and playing in Snow Canyon State Park. It was such a beautiful and fun and perfect day. (also pictures by Uncle Warren)

hitting the ball

Queen of the Hill

This is the year you decided you liked your picture taken and you started posing. We had to work on making it look natural.

luca posing

Dress up’s also became a big part of your life.

dress up kids

And you had your first dance recital.

dance recital

It was really hard when we moved later that summer back to the Northwest. You cried for hours after we pulled away from grandma and grandpa’s house.

sad luca

You adjusted very quickly to our move and you loved our new yellow house. You started preschool and gymnastics and made friends quickly.

It was really hard to decide on pictures for this year.

5th year mosaic


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