Your Seventh Year

Your seventh year has been a whirlwind! You finished up kindergarten and had a fun graduation. You sure loved your teacher and you said several times you just wanted to go back to Mrs. Davis and kindergarten again. She was the perfect teacher for your first year of school!

Mrs. Davis Large Web view

We had a great summer. We spent a lot of time at all the libraries around our town trying to find every Scooby-Doo and Junie B. Jones book we could get our hands on. Grandma Henke spent a few weeks with us and we had a blast going to different parks every day and finding all kinds of ways to cool off.

You were excited and nervous to start first grade. The thing that scared you the most was being away from home all day. You were very tired after your first full day of school, but you got the hang of it quickly and have loved every bit of it! You have amazed me with your responsibility in setting your alarm and getting yourself up and ready. You even asked me what the very earliest was that you could set your alarm…that must have come from your dad’s side of the family!

Here you are on your first day of school.

DSC_0888 Large Web view

The highlight of fall of 2007 for your dad and I was going to your soccer practices and games. What a blast! We took a ball for the little kids to kick around on the sidelines and we cheered you on as you ran up and down the field for an hour.

lu soccer web photo

Here you are with your crazy brother and sister at your game (Lincoln can’t resist crossing his eyes for a picture).

Later on I was on bed rest to stop early labor and you were such a help to me during those tough two months. You carried many things up and down the stairs for me and helped me with laundry and meals and just about everything. You pampered me and watched over me and I will never forget that.

You were thrilled when baby Kai was finally born!

Your 1st grade Christmas program was our first day out as a family of six.

Here you are visiting Santa with all of your siblings.

DSC_1197 Large Web view

We are so proud of you as you turn seven years old tomorrow. You have brought so many new experiences to our lives and we can’t imagine life without you.

We expect many more surprises, frustrations, proud moments, disappointments, excitement, joy, and unconditional love as we continue this journey with you.


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