Seattle Soccer


Today Luca and Lincoln had their first soccer games of the season.

We started with Lincoln’s game at 10:30am. We got there with just enough time to grab a folding chair, duffel bag with snacks and jackets, and Kai in his car seat and run the length of the parking lot and the field to where his game was starting. It got cold fast as the girls and I watched the cute little 4–5 year olds play. It was 40 degrees and breezy. I kept Kai bundled up tight in his car seat, even when he cried to get out. It was just too cold. The girls ran up and down the sidelines a little bit at first, then they whined as their teeth chattered, and then they huddled up together on the folding chair and watched the rest of the game. About ten minutes before the game ended it started hailing. The game went on.

As soon as the game ended I grabbed the kids and we raced back to the car with our load of stuff and sped (I mean followed the speed limit) to Luca’s game that was at the very opposite side of town and took 25 of the 30 minutes we had between games. Going through the drive through to get hot chocolate took the other five minutes. We got there right at noon. The sun was peaking out now and then by the time we got there so I was excited at the thought of it being slightly warmer. As we stepped onto the grass, headed towards her game, I realized the entire area was a SWAMP! My feet sunk about an inch into the mud and I realized it was going to be a long game. I set up our chair and put our bag and blanket on it because it was too muddy to put anything on the ground. Another mom had an extra chair for me to sit in so I bundled up and fed Kai while Anna and Lincoln ran and splashed in the mud with the other kids that were dragged there to watch their siblings play.

Within two minutes all of the kids on the field were splattered up to their armpits in mud. I so wish I had taken a camera so I could show you the mud pit they were playing in. At half time Luca’s sweat pants were solid mud to her mid thighs and were wet the rest of the way up.

The mom next to me yelled to her daughter, “Don’t worry about getting dirty! We can wash everything!”

I hesitantly yelled, “Ya Luca! What she said!”

Luca didn’t complain once. Come to think of it, Lincoln didn’t complain once either…even when it hailed on him.

I had fun cheering from the sidelines. Lucky Kai, he fell asleep while I was feeding him so he stayed close to me and kept very warm. Lucky me, I had a sucker fish attached to my breast for an hour because I didn’t dare move in case I woke him (ya, I am a little sore tonight).

When we had about five minutes left it started sleeting. Yes, they even continued the game in the freezing rain. The coach said that he was told they have only ever once canceled games in all the years they have done this and it was because the water level on the field was higher than the grass.

We left cold, wet, and happy. It was great and I am proud of my kids for having fun and having a good attitude even in crappy weather conditions (can you tell who had the bad attitude?).

I will be glad to have Brett with us at the next game!

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