Dude, I Skinned My Nose

My baby girl did a face dive on a metal ramp that had the texture of a cheese grater. She usually bounces back quickly after an injury and a lot of times doesn’t even cry, but this time she cried for an hour and a half so I know it really hurt.


We were at Luca’s soccer practice and I was chatting with the other parents out on the field while the kids played on the playground so I didn’t see it happen. When I ran across the field to my screaming child the other mom’s of girls on Luca’s team saw me trying to help Anna with Kai in my arms. I had offers to hold him and one mom even ran to her car for a first aid kit. When in situations like that I always hope that I would know the right way to help someone if roles were reversed.

The damages don’t look as bad in the picture, but there is a big chunk of skin missing from under her nose. Her teeth had gone into her lip inside her mouth, she separated her frenulum (again) on her upper lip, and the darn ramp skinned her nose from top to bottom.

This isn’t the first, or the last, or the worst injury of any of my children of course, but when one of my children get hurt I always looks back later on and think about how I handled it and if I could have done anything differently. I have been told that I am a calm person and I handle things like this very well. I must hide my emotions well, because my insides get all twisted up in a knot and I am usually on the verge of tears myself and sometimes I feel frozen and don’t really know what to do to help them. I just hate seeing them hurt.

Anna kept her sense of humor even during her shaking and sobbing. The mom who brought us the first aid kit asked her if she wanted a band-aid on her nose and Anna replied, “yes please, dude”.

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