The Project

The overwhelmed woman stared at the mile high pile of bins and boxes that teetered like a game of Jenga that was about to end. She would grudgingly admit, it did look cleaner, but she knew that in each of those bins and boxes would be found an assortment of unorganized junk waiting to be found. She would thank her husband for cleaning later, but first, she committed to staying in the garage until she found the floral patchwork bedspread. The bedspread was three years old and had never been removed from it’s packaging, and her daughter was asking to put on her new bed…NOW! She knew that before it was found she would become involved in hours of lifting, hauling, organizing, and forgetting what her initial objective was. She would go through Christmas decorations, old photo albums, bent and wrinkled John Grisham novels, a box of Noah’s ark nursery decorations that had never seen life outside of the blue bin they called home, and too many more things to mention…It was a well known path. She had traversed it many times and as she slowly started down it yet again she proceeded with much caution, hoping for the best.


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