The Meanest Bear Ever

We went to the zoo today with the kiddo’s and my brother’s family. It was warm (hot even) and the sun felt so great. Everyone else thought the zoo would be a good idea on a sunny day so it was pretty busy, but once we got in we hardly noticed.

So this post really doesn’t have to do with the zoo, but going to the zoo reminded me of something funny Lincoln said when he was two. Here it is right out of the kid’s journal:

Brett was playing with the kids last night and pretending he was a snake, a lion, or a bear while he chased them around the living room. Lincoln was getting really freaked out and on the verge of tears. We told him that the way to get rid of the snake, lion, or bear was to kiss it and then it would go away. He then thought the game was fun because he could just give a quick kiss and the scary animal would go away and turn back into daddy. They had stopped playing and he was kind of tired from running around so he sat down on the couch by me and said, “Mom, that was the meanest bear I ever saw.”

I miss those days…but I love these days.


So, do you want to know a good way to get your kids to leave the zoo when it is closing time and they don’t want to go?

Tell them they let the tigers out at 4:00 (or whenever your zoo closes).

They might even keep track of the time for you so that you don’t accidentally linger too long.

Not saying we would say something like that to OUR kids.

Well, my body and brain are so tired I can’t think straight. I guess that is what happens when you take four kids to the zoo on a hot day…one of them being four months old. Then you carry the baby around half the time in your arms when you have a perfectly good (and new) stroller you could use. But you don’t do it because he is crying or fussy. You just do it because he is so darn cute and sweet you can’t stand to put him down.

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