Cupcake Mania


We went to some friends house for dinner Friday night. They are friends that we totally love to hang out with, but end up seeing only about once a year because we live a whopping hour away. Actually, it is more because we each have four kids and so a combined total of scheduling for ten people…but we always swear it will not be as long the next time.

So, point of the story is I always have to warn Brett before we go over there that after we leave he can’t be be “raising the bar” for his own home cooked meals. Shae is rather gifted in the cooking department and…well…I have already mentioned in another post my lack thereof.

So we had a beautiful meal and great conversation and then she brought out the cupcakes (those two at the top of her post…had em). Un.Be.Lievable. She can even make cupcakes that I would pay a fortune for to take to my kids classroom and pass off as my own. So we had a little chat about how she should be making a business out of this little…can we say…cupcake obsession!

So if you are in the Seattle area and want to blow all the cupcakes of the other mom’s in your kids classroom out of the water…contact me…or her (from her blog). You will be your kids favorite mom if you get them Shae’s cupcakes. And your husband’s favorite wife. I know this.

By the way, this is her other talent that leaves me feeling a little inadequate in the Martha Stewart department.

(oh, and this is what she did when she was just starting this new hobby!)

(AND! I totally stole that picture from your blog Shae, but you go to bed too early and so I couldn’t IM you to see if it was okay.)

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