Pint Sized Gangstas

We had a major heist in our neighborhood this afternoon. Not just the in the neighborhood…but in my own BACKYARD!

I was in the kitchen and I peeked out the window because I could hear Lincoln’s voice as he came through the back gate (from the home of my good friend and the kid’s preschool teacher) on his way home from preschool.

As the gate opened it was like releasing the water in a dam. Kids flooded through the gate like kindergartners when they are told it is time for recess.

You see, the house on the other side of the gate is also a home with many daycare kids and it was playtime.

So as I am getting a good laugh at this rush of kids I notice they are running onto my back porch (just out of line of site) and then running back through the gate as fast as possible. THEN I realize they are each carrying something. Toys!

By the time I get downstairs I see the princess scooter disappearing through the gate and there is a darling little boy with a curly headed mop dragging a bike up the hill towards safety.


So I did what any brave and reasonable Mom would do in my position and sent Anna to deal with it and retrieve everything.

I still don’t know if there were like twelve kids or just four really fast ones.

So a few minutes after Anna took care of things and I am talking to my friend over the fence when we hear a commotion.

Jail Break!!

We see kids tumbling out the window, from the bunk bed and onto the picnic table. They had pushed the screen out and were making a break for it.


I LOVE it here! My life would be so boring (in comparison) anywhere else.


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