Too Observant

Kai was in a silly mood today and had a really hard time nursing because he would giggle every time he caught my eye. Or every time he didn’t. He just couldn’t be serious long enough to get full. So he would start. stop. start. stop.

I didn’t realize Anna was watching the process until she said, “I don’t think he likes the taste of your privacies anymore.”

Alarming Logic

Two hours after he set off the alarm at Lowe’s by opening an emergency door.

“Lincoln. My little boy who set off the alarm at the store today.” (as I hug him and give him a kiss on the forehead…after finally forgiving him.)

“No, Mom. Your little boy who set ON the alarm at the store today.”

Cranium: Matching Madness Game

I found yet another game that the kids and I have been playing like crazy the past few days.

It is another Cranium game, because when I see a Cranium game that we don’t have and it is 50% off…it will be in my cart even if it means I have to take the milk out to make room for it.

I picked up Matching Madness for $6 at Fred Meyer the other day and it is a lot of fun. Luca, Anna, Lincoln, and I have played it at least twenty times this weekend and I have won it…oh…not once. I think my mind is getting slower the older I get.

The kids card holders come in handy on this one because you start with seven cards. Someone rolls the dice and it determines if you are trying to match a card by color, shape, pattern or number or any one of the four. The first person to throw a card down that matches the top card on the discard pile gets to roll the dice next. This continues until someone runs out of cards and wins the game.

It sounds very simple, but for some reason I get all flustered as I try to look at the dice and then remember what the symbol means and then look at my card to see what matches the card on the discard pile…oh ya, I have to look at the discard pile first. By the time I pull a card out of my hand and throw it down one of the kids is already laughing uncontrollably because I am so slow and it is too late….so I have to take my card back because I wasn’t first and then we go again.


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Holding My Baby A Little Closer and Longer Tonight…

Kai had his six month checkup today. I cannot believe we are halfway through his first year.

He is growing right as he should be. He is about average in his weight and he is on the tall side. His head size proves how big his brain is and what a smart little guy he is. He was happy and interactive with his pediatrician, who all four of my kids absolutely adore.

He asked me if I had any concerns and I remembered to bring up his chronic coughing that we have talked about at each of his checkups and has never seemed to cause much concern.

This time the doctor raised his eyebrows a little bit more as I explained that Kai has just always had congestion in his throat and coughed regularly. The doctor said it is somewhat common in infants and he probably just produces excess phlegm, but it should get better over time.

Then he asked me if I had any other concerns.

I remembered that we had been noticing that Kai has been wheezing quite regularly for the past few weeks. Not enough that we have been concerned about him getting enough air or that we thought we needed to rush him to Urgent Care, but enough to notice. In the past two or three weeks it seems to have increased enough that I would have taken him in if he hadn’t already had a checkup scheduled for today.

The doctor asked me, “well, what do you mean by wheezing? A lot of parents think their baby is wheezing, but it is actually just phlegm in their throats.”

I was quite sure it was wheezing, but of course Kai wasn’t doing it at the time so there was no demonstration. I tried to explain it in more detail, but the doctor still seemed a bit skeptical of it and didn’t seem concerned at all.

He went on with the exam and checked his heart and lungs with the stethoscope. He took his time and and turned to me and said, “you’re right…he does wheeze.”

I wasn’t sure how to take this, but I waited for the doctor to finish checking him. He asked a little bit more about it and I told him that I didn’t even realize Kai was wheezing at that time. The times I noticed his wheezing it was loud enough that it could be heard from across the room.

The doctor said that it is not normal and it could still be that Kai produces a lot of extra phlegm, but he wanted to order some tests to rule out a few things. He said he wanted Kai to get some chest x-rays to see if there could be an infection in his lungs and rule out other possibilities. He said he also wanted to get Kai tested for cystic fibrosis. When he said that my heart began racing a bit faster and I could feel myself break out in a cold sweat.

He told me not to stress out about it. He just wanted to rule it out. He also told me not to race home and do a search on google for cystic fibrosis because it would just scare me.

Of course, that is exactly what I did and he was right…at first. After reading through a lot of sites about it I don’t think that Kai has enough symptoms and I feel pretty comfortable that he will not have it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he had asthma though and I hope that is something they will be able to tell from the x-ray.

It is amazing what it can do your perspective though just to be told that there is a chance (no matter how small) that your child could have a serious illness. When I got home, even though I know it is most likely that he is fine, I took him out of his car seat and held him close and rocked him and cried a little bit. I am the type of person that can create a scenario in my head all on my own without any help from the doctor, so to have him say the words for me was quite unsettling.

I am feeling good tonight and I am actually not very worried about getting a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis…but…feel free to mention our cute little guy in your prayers if you have the chance. It certainly won’t hurt!

I think that experiences like this help us to appreciate what we have even more. It made me think of the parents who are told that their child has cystic fibrosis, or cancer, or any other serious health problem. My heart goes out to them. We all want our children to thrive and be healthy and live long and happy lives.

I will update with any news we get after his x-rays.

happy kai

kai laughing

The Yellow Jacket (Wasp) Killer


I have had friends who have spent hundreds of dollars to get rid of yellowjacket hives.

Not us. I have Brett.

His weapons of choice for removing hives are brooms and hoses. And running shoes.

When I tell Brett that I have found a hive I run in the house and make sure all the doors and windows are shut and the kids are inside.

If it is low enough to the ground to reach it with a broom he walks up to it slowly and then whacks the crap out of it with the bristle side of the broom and then runs, swinging the broom wildly. As he slowly walks back to check on it he smacks the angry yellowjackets away as they dive at him.

Yesterday I was lounging on the deck with Kai as we watched Brett squirt the kids with the hose.

I saw a yellowjacket flying around my empty flower box.

Then I saw another one circling the grill.

Then I got a sick feeling as I looked above my head in slow motion and spotted a hive that was swarming with 15–20 of the vicious beasts. A chill ran the entire length of my spine and then I screamed “yellowjackets! yellowjackets!” as I ran like a mad woman into the house.

I closed the window next to the sliding door and pointed as best I could through the glass as I saw Brett walking carefully up the deck stairs armed with the hose.

He told the kids to get far away and then he switched the sprayer on the hose to “full” and let it rip!

Even though I was in the house I screamed and nearly cried as I watched yellowjackets scatter and swarm around my husband.

The fact that he didn’t have a broom as a weapon and the fact that he didn’t have his running shoes on and wouldn’t be able to run down the stairs safely enough even if he did, didn’t stop him. Every hair on my body stood on end as he sprayed those nasty buggars with all his might.

It was about an eight minute cycle of spraying the hive and then spraying the pissed off wasps, until there was nothing left to spray.

My hero.

And the amazing thing is he has never been stung during any of his amazing hive removals.

(I hope somebody enjoys this post because after searching for pictures and links about wasps my skin is seriously crawling and I am going to dream all night about six foot tall killer wasps.)

This Seriously Made Me Laugh So Hard I Couldn’t Breathe

Anna: “WAAAAAAAA…..Mooooooom, Lincoln won’t give me my two dollars!”

Me: “Lincoln, why do you have Anna’s two dollars?”

Lincoln: “Because she said if I didn’t tell you something then I could be the boss of her forever and so I told her she had to give me the money in her wallet.”

Me: “What exactly did she tell you not to tell me?”

Lincoln: “That she threw a cup at my head.”

Me: “You just told. Give the two dollars back.”

(pause…Luca casually looks up from the computer)

Luca: “HEY!!! That is MY wallet and MY two dollars!”

Anna: “Oops.”

Maybe you had to be there?

Luca Plays In Her First Talent Show

Luca participated in her first talent show yesterday. It was at her elementary school and she had two performances.

The first performance was during an assembly for the whole school. I don’t know if I could have got up in front of the entire school at seven years old and done anything solo.

I was standing in the very back of the gym (with a baby on one hip) and so there is a lot of background noise and the video is a little shaky.

I was so proud of her! She picked her own song and practiced hard. I think she really enjoyed being a part of the talent show.

She came home with a card that a little boy in her class made and gave her as they were dismissed to go to the bus. It said:

“GOOD JOB on the talens chow. to Luca from Dennis.”

So sweet!

That same evening they did another show for parents and friends and Brett and I were able to both attend that one and we left the other kids with a sitter so we were able to give her our full attention.

It was a great day!

Family Yard Work Day

I have been quite flaky lately with my posts. It is a combination of too much to do and just feeling boring.

Not that we have been bored. I just don’t know that what we have been doing makes for an interesting enough post.

We have been working in the yard bit by bit this week and the kids are having a ball. I know next to nothing about gardening and I have a way with killing plants, so one of my goals is to educate myself more and actually practice what I learn so that I can make the yard a beautiful place for us to relax and play.

I took a “before” picture of the area we have been working on…but I don’t dare post it. I am too embarrassed. But maybe I will post it along with an “after” picture when I have one.

So we spent two sessions this week weeding and prepping a couple of areas in the backyard to plant. The kids were so excited when I told them today was the day we would actually put things into the ground instead of just yanking them out.


My friend gave us several starts for shasta daisies, which we planted in several spots on a rocky slope we have on one end of the yard. I hear they can grow in many types of soil as long as they get plenty of sun. I could say the same for my good mood.


My friend also got us a bunch of strawberry starts. They are starts that are left over from a strawberry farm and they said they will grow almost anywhere (with sun) and within a couple of years will spread out to make nice ground cover. We had a couple of perfect spots for them so we are going to cross our fingers and hope they grow. The kids would have a ball watching the berries grow…and would love eating them of course!

Oh. And just to let you know just how clueless I am when it comes to gardening. After we planted our twenty five strawberry starts I took a second look and realized something was wrong. They were upside down! The roots were sticking up in the air. So we had to go back and flip them all over. I should have taken a picture.

After we did yard work Brett started a water fight with the kids while Kai and I safely snuck into the house. Anna and Lincoln ended up soaking wet in their underwear and Luca ended up soaking wet in her jeans and shirt. I guess she is too grown up now to strip down and play in the water. Sigh.

It was a fun day and we took full advantage of the warm sunshine!

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Brotherly Love

Lincoln’s world became a brighter place the day he found out he was going to have a brother. Do you think that maybe Kai likes all the attention just a little?


Looking for a ticklish spot…

tummy kisses

Lincoln called in some help for the big tickle…

ready to tickle

Yep! That’s the spot!

armpit tickles