Food I Love That I Don’t Have To Share

I went grocery shopping tonight. A few things ended up in my cart that weren’t on my list. Things that only I will eat. I will feel responsible to eat all of these items because I know I am the only person in my family that really likes them and I made the choice to pay for them. And they are all perishable so I better get started!


The first is beets. They are not something I eat often, but once in awhile when I am browsing the produce they jump into my cart. I like to slice them and cook them in a little water until they are soft and then lightly salt them. I just have to remind myself to put a little note on my bathroom mirror that says, “You ate beets today!” If you like beets then you knooooow what I am talking about. Don’t rush to the dr. thinking you need antibiotics, because it is really embarrassing when you realize that you don’t have a bladder infection…you just ate beets for dinner the night before. Then you have to lie to your doctor because you feel like an idiot and then he thinks you are weirder than he already does. Anyway…


Jicama is another that sneaks into my cart from time to time. Brett doesn’t hate the stuff, but he doesn’t like it enough to spend ten minutes and risk his fingers cutting the rough skin off to get to the crispy juicy good stuff. I find the hard work and the danger makes the prize even more rewarding. I just cut it into strips and eat it plain or cube it and put it on a salad. My kids think it is weird.


Sweet potatoes are another thing that I usually end up making for myself. Anna and Lincoln will sometimes ask for a bite or two, but I have never heard the words, “Mom, I want a sweet potato for lunch”. I haven’t tried any fancy recipes or anything. I just cook one in the microwave, peel the skin off when it is done and put a little butter and salt and pepper on it. My kind of lunch!


The one that surprises me that only I eat is mango. I think it is the only fruit my kids won’t eat. I guess I should be glad that it means more for me, but I just don’t get how anyone could not like mango.


The other thing I have to be careful about buying is carrot juice. I really like it mixed with orange juice (since I heard it is a really good thing for a nursing mom to drink), but I have to really be in the mood for it because it is a little spendy and I know I am going to force myself to drink every drop of it. One day I will have a juicer and make my own.

Speaking of carrots. I bought an extra big bag of them a couple of weeks ago…because it only cost a little bit more than the small bag that I had planned on buying and I am a sucker like that. So after a couple of days of nobody eating carrots I panicked that they were going to turn to brown slime and so I found a recipe for Curried Carrot Soup. My four and five year olds loved it! Did I mention it is full of carrots! I like it so much I ate it about six times in one week. Well, I probably would have done that even if didn’t like it very much, because I hate it when food gets wasted. But I really did like this one.

bok choy

The last item that I bought tonight that only I will eat is bok choy. I found this recipe for it a couple of weeks ago and I am hooked. I didn’t love it with the red onion so I just add a little onion powder, and I sliced up some almonds and cooked them in the oil for a minute before adding the bok choy. Delicious!

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