Some Fun Card Games For Kids

catch the match

I bought this card game in 2005 after my sister introduced me to it and it has been rediscovered at our house. (I accidentally put it up where they kids couldn’t get to it or it wouldn’t have had to be REdiscovered)

It is a fun matching game that even the youngest gamers can have fun with. There are sixteen cards and every combination of two cards has one matching picture on it. You start with two cards side by side and the first person to find the match takes one of the cards. You place another card from the draw pile face up and wait for the next match to be found. Simple, and fun.

Anna asks me to play this game about ten times a day. I have to admit that half the time while she is staring intently at the cards to find the match I am looking out the corner of my eye at Kai kicking and playing next to me, or making mental lists of what I need to do…but she wins me most of the time even when I do pay attention so I don’t feel too guilty about it.

All three of the kids love it and it is a great way to get some quiet time myself because they are all silent as they concentrate to be the first to find the match.


This game is made by the same company and the kids really like it as well. It is also good for little ones, but a little more complicated than Catch the Match. I like to supervise this game, but not play so much because the kids totally kick my butt at it and I get frustrated that my memory is worse than my four year olds.

To play, you arrange a circle of cards (the number of cards depends on the ages of the kids playing) and let everyone look at them before turning them upside down. The leader for the round points to a card with the “Sherlock” card and the player to his (right? left? I don’t remember) guesses what the picture on the card was. If they get it right then you move the direction and number of spaces indicated at the top of the card and guess what the next card is. You continue this until you land on a card that has already been guessed right and the player keeps that card. That person then becomes the leader for the next round.

I look forward to trying more games from Playroom Entertainment. I have my eye on this one.

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