7 Weird or Random Facts About Me

My cousin Trisha tagged me and this was one of the harder ones I have done! It is hard to come up with “weird or random” facts because they all seem boring to me. Hopefully they aren’t boring to you!

1. I had a regular 40 hour a week babysitting job the summer I was 11 years old…tending a one year old baby. What were her parents thinking! Although, I did do a good job if I do say so myself.

2. I like to crochet and made my first afghan when I was 10 years old. (ish)

3. I once named a cat Spaghetti. The next cat was Spaghetti Two and the next was Spaghetti Three. They were all hit by cars. I didn’t name the next one Spaghetti Four.

4. I was on the front page of the “Lifestyles” section of the newspaper when I was fifteen. The article was about my doll collection and in the picture I was sitting on my front porch surrounded by my many dolls.

5. When I was three or four I sang “When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Mother” by myself in sacrament meeting (church)…backwards. I was too afraid to face everyone. Then I walked around right afterwards to the bishopric and my home teachers to collect the dollars they all promised to give me if I sang.

6. The book I have read more times than any other book is “Follow The River” by Alexander Thom. I believe I have read it seven times. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte would probably be a close second.

7. I used to be such an obsessed house cleaner I would iron my sheets and pillow cases every time I washed them…which was twice a week. I also ironed my jeans because I loved the smell. I rarely even iron my church clothes these days.

I tag my cousin Wendy (to get her to post again!), Lyndi, Mom, Dad (post in my comments…I know you can do it!). I was supposed to tag seven people, but I have never been good at following rules.


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