I Am Blaming It On The Shockingly Warm Weather

What a day to find out that I locked my keys in the car last night.

We had a play date, kindergarten roundup, soccer…and I will get to the last thing in a minute. It’s a doozy.

So I walked the kids to the play date, which wasn’t a big deal because it is just a few blocks down the road. But the single stroller was locked in the van too so I had to use the double stroller and Kai is a bit small for it so he wasn’t very comfortable and he screamed most of the time.

My incredibly nice friend picked up Anna and Luca and kept them for the hour and a half before soccer and then took them both with her to soccer practice and then brought them home.

Another kind friend who was going to kindergarten roundup let Kai, Lincoln and me hitch a ride with them.

So I get home and I have an online message from Brett that he needs me to come to Redmond and pick him up from work. He needed to work a little late so he had skipped the varpool and passed up a ride from a friend that lives by us.

Uhhhhh….I was almost afraid to fill him in on my little problem.

So after explaining to him “how I could leave the keys (and my purse) in the car” he started looking for ways to get home.

He had decided to take a taxi home when a coworker offered to drive him. This guy lives an hour NORTH of work and we live 40 minutes SOUTH of work so it was a very very generous offer. I told Brett he better buy the guy a chalupa or something. At least.


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