Family Yard Work Day

I have been quite flaky lately with my posts. It is a combination of too much to do and just feeling boring.

Not that we have been bored. I just don’t know that what we have been doing makes for an interesting enough post.

We have been working in the yard bit by bit this week and the kids are having a ball. I know next to nothing about gardening and I have a way with killing plants, so one of my goals is to educate myself more and actually practice what I learn so that I can make the yard a beautiful place for us to relax and play.

I took a “before” picture of the area we have been working on…but I don’t dare post it. I am too embarrassed. But maybe I will post it along with an “after” picture when I have one.

So we spent two sessions this week weeding and prepping a couple of areas in the backyard to plant. The kids were so excited when I told them today was the day we would actually put things into the ground instead of just yanking them out.


My friend gave us several starts for shasta daisies, which we planted in several spots on a rocky slope we have on one end of the yard. I hear they can grow in many types of soil as long as they get plenty of sun. I could say the same for my good mood.


My friend also got us a bunch of strawberry starts. They are starts that are left over from a strawberry farm and they said they will grow almost anywhere (with sun) and within a couple of years will spread out to make nice ground cover. We had a couple of perfect spots for them so we are going to cross our fingers and hope they grow. The kids would have a ball watching the berries grow…and would love eating them of course!

Oh. And just to let you know just how clueless I am when it comes to gardening. After we planted our twenty five strawberry starts I took a second look and realized something was wrong. They were upside down! The roots were sticking up in the air. So we had to go back and flip them all over. I should have taken a picture.

After we did yard work Brett started a water fight with the kids while Kai and I safely snuck into the house. Anna and Lincoln ended up soaking wet in their underwear and Luca ended up soaking wet in her jeans and shirt. I guess she is too grown up now to strip down and play in the water. Sigh.

It was a fun day and we took full advantage of the warm sunshine!

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