The Yellow Jacket (Wasp) Killer


I have had friends who have spent hundreds of dollars to get rid of yellowjacket hives.

Not us. I have Brett.

His weapons of choice for removing hives are brooms and hoses. And running shoes.

When I tell Brett that I have found a hive I run in the house and make sure all the doors and windows are shut and the kids are inside.

If it is low enough to the ground to reach it with a broom he walks up to it slowly and then whacks the crap out of it with the bristle side of the broom and then runs, swinging the broom wildly. As he slowly walks back to check on it he smacks the angry yellowjackets away as they dive at him.

Yesterday I was lounging on the deck with Kai as we watched Brett squirt the kids with the hose.

I saw a yellowjacket flying around my empty flower box.

Then I saw another one circling the grill.

Then I got a sick feeling as I looked above my head in slow motion and spotted a hive that was swarming with 15–20 of the vicious beasts. A chill ran the entire length of my spine and then I screamed “yellowjackets! yellowjackets!” as I ran like a mad woman into the house.

I closed the window next to the sliding door and pointed as best I could through the glass as I saw Brett walking carefully up the deck stairs armed with the hose.

He told the kids to get far away and then he switched the sprayer on the hose to “full” and let it rip!

Even though I was in the house I screamed and nearly cried as I watched yellowjackets scatter and swarm around my husband.

The fact that he didn’t have a broom as a weapon and the fact that he didn’t have his running shoes on and wouldn’t be able to run down the stairs safely enough even if he did, didn’t stop him. Every hair on my body stood on end as he sprayed those nasty buggars with all his might.

It was about an eight minute cycle of spraying the hive and then spraying the pissed off wasps, until there was nothing left to spray.

My hero.

And the amazing thing is he has never been stung during any of his amazing hive removals.

(I hope somebody enjoys this post because after searching for pictures and links about wasps my skin is seriously crawling and I am going to dream all night about six foot tall killer wasps.)


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