Homemade Laundry Soap Review #2 and Review of Trader Joe’s Lavender Dryer Bags

Here is an update on how we are liking the homemade laundry soap we have been using for a month and a half.

Loving it!

This is the recipe I used and I cut it in half the first time. I was down to about 3–5 loads worth of soap left so I made a full batch of it tonight. I made it with a friend this time and we grated the soap on the small side of the grater and it melted much faster. I would say the entire process took less than fifteen minutes…and it only took that long because we were chatting.

My baby has not had eczema at all since about a week after we started using the soap. Before we were using fragrance free ALL and he had horrible patches of dry skin all over his cheeks and head and tummy. We had also tried Dreft with the same results. His skin is so perfectly soft and smooth now! This is because we stopped using fabric softener and use vinegar in the rinse cycle instead.

The only downside I have noticed so far is it is a little messier to use. I keep a 1/4 cup next to my soap bucket that I scoop it up with. I use a small container to catch the drips from the cup after I use it.

I recently discovered lavender dryer bags that I have been using to add a little fragrance to my clean clothes. I bought them at Trader Joe’s. Each pouch can be used 5–10 times (I use them at least twice that amount) and then you break it open and sprinkle the dried lavender on the carpet and vacuum it up and it leaves your floors smelling fresh. The first time you use a pouch the scent is pretty strong so I use it on towels and sheets first. Each time you use it the smell gets a little lighter. It was $3.69 for four pouches, which is not bad, but I will be looking for a cheaper alternative.

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