Immersed in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series

Why have I not been posting much the past week and a half?





I had been hearing about this series for months and finally borrowed the first book from a friend. The night I finished it I ordered the next two books on Amazon and got them in a day and a half.

They are all about 600ish pages and I started a little over a week ago. I am almost done with book three.

A friend asked tonight how I had read them so fast and I told him, “it is easy when you neglect your kids for a week.” (Ha. Ha. They have had full bellies and clean clean faces…well…at least full bellies.)

I will owe each of them some serious one on one when I finish the last book.

And now they have made a movie of the first book.

I am already in the works of planning a girl’s night out when it comes out in December.

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