A Late Night Tired Post

My blog has been dying a slow and painful death the past few weeks.

Every morning I vow to get on the ball and revive it, but it just hasn’t happened.

I am so tired tonight every part of my body feels heavy and fuzzy and half asleep. Even my boobs. Can’t say they have ever felt tired, but tonight they do. Kai must be having a growth spurt because I felt like I nursed him at least half the day.

I promised to watch a show with Brett. So I told him the only way I can stay awake for the 50 minutes required will be if I have a root beer float. (sugar-free of course! Diets suck, but I don’t want to be the first one out of Mom, Dad, Brett and I to blow it.)

The kids and I had a fun street basketball game tonight. Anna and I took on Lincoln and Luca. Anna is one aggressive little sports player and she stomped ‘em! She would steal the ball and throw it to me and I would shoot it. Of course, when you are playing with a four, five, and seven year old you have to be flexible with the rules. Lincoln grabs the ball and runs and hides behind the cars around the culdesac so Anna can’t get it. Anna uses a few wrestling moves to get her hands on the ball. I had to put a stop to that when she tackled Lincoln right down onto the pavement. Luca granny shoots it (under-handed from between the knees) and we count the point even if it goes backwards through the basket…because it usually does. I will have to get it on video next time. Without me, of course.

I then weeded and did some gardening at the vacant house across the street. Yep, the VACANT house. It has been vacant since January and there is a yard crew that mows and trims the lawn once in awhile, but the flower gardens have been neglected and were driving me crazy. The rose bushes were like nine feet high and all the roses were dry and brown so I clipped them down to about four feet in hopes that they will bloom again. If they do I am filling all my vases with roses as payment for my work. I hauled out three garbage bags full of weeds and clippings.

So there is my late night tired attempt at reviving my blog a tiny bit. I think it was only equivalent to one puff and two chest pumps, but I will put more effort into it tomorrow.


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