The Messes Can Wait

Today was a success.

My floors aren’t vacuumed and my bathrooms are picked up, but not really clean.

My laundry is only partially done.

I didn’t shower today.

The kids ate tomatoes and quesadillas from the microwave for dinner.

We ate it at 9:00pm.

Their rooms are pigstys.


We spent two hours at the park.

We went to the library and restocked our “to read” piles.

We had an hour and a half of cuddle/rest time in my bed and giggled and talked the whole time.

We spent two hours outside riding bikes, jump roping, walking Kai in his stroller and chasing around.

We had ice cream with fresh fruit for dessert.

Every time they asked if they could have a cookie today I said, “yes”, until they were gone. They were in shock.

They went to bed tired and happy.

MUCH more rewarding than a spotless house.


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