My Midnight Run To Get “Breaking Dawn”

I decided at the last minute tonight to run to Borders to get Stephanie Meyer’s new book “Breaking Dawn”. I got there at 11:54 with just enough time to get a numbered bracelet and get in line. They had a count down as if it was New Year’s Eve and there was lots of screaming and jumping when the clock struck twelve.


It was an interesting crowd there. There was a group of moms (like me) standing in line in front of me. They were all hyper and chatty…so I guess they weren’t really like me. I was tired. It WAS midnight and my baby has been getting up at 4am all week to nurse.

The group behind me was a group of high school girls. I heard a lot of, “Whatever!” and “Nuh uh!”’s. Then one girl glimpsed the number 414 on my bracelet and said to her friend, “Oh! We should totally be in front of HER! We are LIKE 125!” And then they pushed past me and elbowed their way several feet in the line until the totally rockin’ employee handing out rewards cards kicked them out of the line and told them to wait until they were called. Us mom’s in line snickered as they grumbled their way to the back.

I finally realized that it didn’t really matter if I was in line because they were calling groups of numbers and I was still over 300 away so I wandered out of line to find a book.

When I got back in line I was behind a dad and his daughter. The dad was older and gray and the daughter could have been anywhere from 13 to 17. It is hard to tell these days. Her dad looked tired but happy and she talked his ear off the whole time we waited. When it was time to move forward he would gently put his hand on her back and nudge her forward in line while he smiled and nodded at her as she talked.

I want to be the parent that would stay up to take their kid to a book release party at midnight when I am tired.

When I got to the front of the line I had made it to page 25 of a book called The Bright Forever by Lee Martin and I was really into it so I had to scrounge around in my purse for a pen and paper so I could write down the name and author so I could reserve it at the library.

When I got to the counter I saw a couple of younger men (who were alone) at the counter buying the book. Of course, their copies of Breaking Dawn were hidden under another “manly” book as if they were getting the romance novel for their girlfriend and “Pimpin’ Your Civic”, or the likes, for themselves. Save your money. We all saw through it. I bet they totally went right out and started reading in their cars.

When I got to the counter they scanned my credit card and I picked up a pen to sign the receipt but she told me not to bother and shoo’d me away. Good way to keep the line moving fast.

I ended being in the store for only an hour. Not bad.

So here it is 2am and I am off to read the first chapter while I curl up in bed.

What the heck! Kai will be waking up in two hours to nurse anyway. I might as well pull an all-nighter!

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