* My four and five year olds don’t just ask for candy or chocolate. They say, “Mom, can I have some dark chocolate truffles?” Huh?! I didn’t know little people could be so high maintenance!

* $350 worth of groceries is the new $250

* When I grocery shop at midnight with an overflowing cart full of groceries and there is only one check stand open, how many people with only a couple of items should I let ahead of me before I feel okay about tying up the line for fifteen minutes while they ring me up? I let one guy with a bag of diapers ahead of me and then I totally avoided eye contact with the other six people that filed in behind me. (And then diaper guy asked for cigarettes after he had already paid and the checker had to go across the store to the film developing department and go behind the counter and use a key to get them out of a cabinet and then come back and ring him up again and I was all, “that’s what I get for being nice”.)

* The dang squirrels got our first two strawberries just as they became ripe. Elka (the dog) has been put on red alert to keep the rest safe until they are juicy and red.

* Speaking of the dog. She is normally very well behaved…but today she totally ate a plate of 5–6 blueberry pancakes from the table this morning while I was out of the room! These weren’t our typical pancakes. Oh no. We picked the blueberries ourselves and it was the most involved recipe I have ever used for pancakes. Beating the egg yolks and whites separately, sifting the dry ingredients, folding each ingredient in one at a time…ridiculous, but delicious! All I can say is the squirrels better not make it to any more of our strawberries.

* I don’t like the Nintendo Gamecube anymore. (no, we don’t have a wii) We have just slowly been coming off of a two month break from it and the kids are already fighting over whose turn it is and who played the longest and who gets the purple controller…reminds me of why we took it away in the first place. It is gone again until my kids start acting like they like each other.

* Oh, I don’t hate Nintendo DS’s though. Looooove those! They each have one to use so there is seldom fighting about them. They are life savers! Long car rides and doctor’s office waiting rooms are no big deal with a DS for each kid.

* It is 1am and I am tired and I am babbling. Good night!


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