Fun With Chocolate

I have been trying to find ways to use my spearmint and peppermint plants that are growing like crazy.

Luca suggested we put some mint leaves in lemonade and it turned out really good. We have been alternating the spearmint and peppermint in Crystal Lite or lemon or limeade made from the recipe on the back of the lemon or lime juice bottles (Luca’s favorite) once a day for that past week. Not bad!

Tonight we decided to try dipping the leaves in chocolate. They turned out really good!

dipped chocs2

We also tried a few strawberries and blueberries. They were all great, but I am going to use a darker and better quality chocolate next time.

They aren’t exactly pretty…but they didn’t last long so we didn’t care.

We dipped the strawberries and mint leaves with our fingers and used toothpicks to dip the blueberries. After we dipped them we put them in the fridge for fifteen minutes so the chocolate would harden. We also put one tray of dipped blueberries in the freezer and they were great frozen.

The kids are already thinking of new things to dip next time. First thing on the list: Teddy Grahams!


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