Why I Have A Hard Time Finishing A Project

me thinking to myself:

“Hmmmm…I need to make room for all these bottles of salsa and jam, I better go clear out the toy closet under the stairs and put them there.?

(while looking at stack of bins of toys in closet under the stairs)

“Uh oh, I am going to have to go make room in the garage for some of these toys if I am going to store my bottles here.”

(staring at bins stacked in garage)

“Oh ya, I better pull out the box of “to grow into” kid’s clothes while I am moving stuff around.”

(as I look at shelves of food storage in garage)

“I need to restock the shelves in the kitchen with a few of those things.”

(in kitchen)

“I better sort out my container cupboard to make room for the new glass storage bowls.”

“Oh ya! I need to move the laundry along!”

(in computer room where the washer and dryer hide in a closet)

“If I moved some of those games that the kids don’t play much to bins out in the garage I could store a few food storage items on the top shelf of that closet.”

(while sweeping in garage)

“What did I come out here for?”


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