A Labor Day Meme

I saw this meme on Rocks in my Dryer and I thought I would play along in honor of Labor Day.

How long were your labors?

#1 — Four and a half hours of active labor. Two days of mild contractions.

#2 — Two hours, after an induction

#3 — An hour and a half

#4–12 hours of little pain and no progress after induction, then baby shifted and 45 minutes of intense labor and 1–10 dilation.

How did you know you were in labor?

#1 — Wondered for a whole day and then when contractions suddenly intensified I KNEW.

#2 — induction

#3 — woke up to water breaking and strong contractions.

#4 — even after induction didn’t feel like I was. When baby moved from behind my tail bone the contractions hit and I knew.

Where did you deliver?

Hospital for all.


#1 — Two epidurals. First one didn’t take.

#2 — THREE epidurals, which resulted in a spinal headache and two more needles in my back in their attempt to cure it for me. It was worse than labor.

#3 — None, not after previous epidural.

#4 — None, still afraid of epidurals. Wait, they did give me something to help me relax. It didn’t help the pain, but it made me forget I was in labor in between contractions.


Nope, but almost had to have one with #4.

Who delivered?

The doctor I was seeing with each pregnancy delivered #1, #2, and #4. #3 came too fast and the nurse delivered just as the doctor ran through the door. He said, “I knew I should have run that last light!”

How long were you pregnant?

#1 — Three days shy of 40 weeks.

#2–40 weeks and 5 days.

#3 — I don’t remember…I think 39 weeks and a few days.

#4 — Never really knew my real due date. I think just over 39 weeks.


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