There Is A New Kindergartner In Town

We had a week full of open houses, orientations, and first days of school. Of course all the kids have had a different first day this week as their first day of school because we like things to be as hectic as they can possibly be around here.

I was trying to get Lincoln’s first day of school picture but he kept yelling, “Hey! it’s my first day of kindergarten! I am on my way to my first day of kindergarten!” to the neighbor who was walking down the street. He tried his best to keep his smile for the picture.



school start 027 Large Web view

Do you think that Lincoln was maybe a little excited to ride the bus for the first time? Do you think that Luca was maybe just a little excited for her little brother to be riding with her?


Lincoln giggled uncontrollably when he sat down in his seat on the bus.

The next day he very slowly walked down the stairs of the bus when I picked him up after school. He had a big frown on his face and he stopped on the bottom step and didn’t move.

“What’s wrong Lincoln? Did something happen at school today?” I asked.

“It was too short. I am not ready to be done yet. And I don’t even get to go back for two more days!” (sorry buddy, it is really three)

I can take the long face when he comes home if it means he loves it and can’t wait to go back.


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