Did Someone Borrow My Mind And Forget To Return It?

Today my mom and I decided to go pick Luca up at school and go for a little ride. We may have also been planning on picking up diet cokes at Frugals, but ONLY because it was on the way to…uh…our ride.

I got all the kids loaded up and mom and I got belted in when mom asked, “Is Elka in the house?” (Elka is our dog)

“I think so, but I better run in and check.”

So I go back in the house and call Elka’s name and pat her head as she runs down the stairs.

Then I sit down at my computer.

Check my mail.

Read a couple of blogs from my reader.

I was in no hurry.

Then I had a picture flash into my head of three little kids and my mother sitting in the car. What was I doing sitting at my computer while they were sitting at the car? I felt confused, disoriented, and lost.

I stumbled to the car in my fog and opened the door and asked mom, “Why did I go in the house?”

“To see if Elka was inside. Was she?”

“Uhhhhh…….” (more confusion)

I won’t mention how I forgot to pick Luca up from piano lessons yesterday. The phone rang and I answered and a little voice said, “Moooooom”.

“I will be there in two minutes!!”

For both incidents I had the same feeling that I get when for a minute I lose all sense of time. Like, I can’t remember if it is winter or summer or what year it is.

Please tell me you do that too.


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