Lincoln’s Card Trick


Lincoln: Mom! Pick a card! Any card!

(I pick a card)

Me: Do I need to look at it?

Lincoln: Not really

(I put the card back and he proceeds to clumsily shuffle the deck)

Lincoln: Okay, what did your card look like.

Me: I don’t know, you said I didn’t need to look at it.

(A look of confusion passes over his face)

Lincoln: Okay, start over. Pick a new card.

(I pick a new card and look at it this time…as does Lincoln. Card goes back. Another clumsy shuffle.)

Lincoln: Okay….

(He proceeds to go through the cards one by one until he finds the card I picked.)

Lincoln: Is this your card?!

Me: Yes!!

Lincoln: That is my new trick. I have been practicing.

Me: It was amazing.

Would You Rather…

Last night the kids and I spread out sleeping bags on the living room floor, turned on all the lighted Halloween decorations, turned out all the lights, and played “Would You Rather” for two hours.

You don’t have to spend ten dollars to play our version. You just need a few kids, a good imagination, and a strong stomach (if your kids are like mine).

It started innocently enough with a question like this:

Me: Would you rather live in a tree house in the forest or live under water and be able to breathe like a fish.

Lincoln: Under water!

Anna: Tree house!

Luca: Neither! If you lived in a tree house and had to get up to go to the bathroom at night and someone left a door open you would fall out of the tree. If you lived under water a shark or a big fish might eat you. (Can you say “Debbie Downer”?!)

We then played with each other’s emotions with questions like this:

Luca: Would you rather never be able to go to Disneyland again but keep Kai, or take him back to the hospital and go to Disneyland every year?

Lincoln: Keep Kai!

Me: Keep Kai!

Anna: If we took Kai back and went to Disneyland could we get a baby sister when we got home?

It went slightly down hill after about an hour with the following:

Lincoln: Would you rather lick Anna’s hands clean or sniff Elka’s bum. (Elka is the dog)

Unanimous: Sniff Elka’s Bum!

And then I knew I had lost control with this:

Anna: Would you rather kiss somebody’s butt or kiss somebody’s lips?

Luca: Anna! (giggle giggle)

Me: Anna Lynn!

Lincoln: Hmmmm…..Ummmm….That is a HARD one!

Even Kai laid down with us on the floor and finally at 11pm they started nodding off one by one…including the mom! (dad was already asleep on the couch)

Later, as I was drifting off to sleep in bed I thought of Lincoln struggling to decide if he would rather kiss someone’s lips or butt and I laughed myself awake.

“A Closed Jar Catches No Flies”


I bought about 100 lbs. of apples over three weeks ago so I have been making and canning applesauce a few nights a week. It is a bit time consuming. I have been turning on a little Norah Jones or Joss Stone and singing along while I peel, core, and chop away.

I put the peeled, cored, and chopped apple pieces in a mixture of water and a few squirts of lemon juice to soak for about 3–5 minutes before I put them in the pan. This helps keep the applesauce from turning brown. I fill the two biggest pans that I have (which aren’t huge), add 1/4th to 1/2 cup of sugar, just enough water to fill the bottoms of the pans and let the apples cook down on low heat until they are soft. This usually takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. When they are nice and mushy I mash them with a potato masher. (if you like less textured applesauce you could throw it in the blender to puree.) I fill seven sterilized quart jars (because that is what fits in the steamer) and steam process them for 25 minutes. Anything that is left over I put in a container in the fridge for us to eat for the next couple of days.

If I don’t feel like waiting for the apples to cook down or I don’t want to process jars for the night I just fill my crockpot with chopped apples, a small amount of water, and a bit of sugar (and cinnamon if you prefer…we don’t.) and set it on low until morning. It makes the house smell wonderful when we wake up. Most of my kids don’t like to eat the applesauce warm, but they love it after it has cooled off a bit. Even if I use the water/lemon juice bath, when I make it in the crockpot it is always a much darker color. It tasted just as great though!

As I was putting away some jars that I made a couple of weeks ago I found this:

fruit fly jar

That black spot in the center of the jar is a fruit fly. On the inside of the jar.

Then as I was arranging the jar to take a picture I also found this:

eyelash jar

Yep. An eyelash. Also on the inside of the jar. At least they were in the same jar.

Soooo….I discovered (online) a trick to get rid of fruit flies. I wish I had found it before I canned this jar.

Put some apple cider vinegar in a shallow bowl and then add a couple of drops of dish soap. The smell is very strong, but it works. While I am working at the counter I put the box of fruit on the table away from the fruit I am chopping. I put the the bowl of cider next to the box on the table and the flies are drawn away from my work area to the bowl of cider where they drown. It also helps draw out any flies from the box. The first time I did it I caught at least 20. Gross, I know. But not as gross as it would have been if I hadn’t caught them. If you have a problem with fruit flies leave a bowl or two of this mixture out for the night and you will be surprised at how many you can catch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a trick for keeping eyelashes from falling out and into the food. I haven’t noticed that my eyelashes are any thinner so hopefully that is the only one I will find.

I used a mixture of Golden Delicious, Gala, and Jonagold apples and it turned out great. I just pulled the ripest apples from each box so each batch turned out slightly different.

I also added red hot candies to a few of the jars for some cinnamon applesauce that we will use during the holidays.

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Getting Things In Focus

We took Luca to the eye doctor for the first time today and she picked out two pair of glasses.

luca close

As I sat and watched her struggle to read the top line of the chart with her left eye I felt like an idiot for missing the signs.

She had fairly frequent headaches that I attributed to diet or fatigue.

She has been “winking” frequently with one eye. Now I can see that she wasn’t winking, but she was squinting so she could see better with her other eye.

I am grateful her school nurse does eye tests with the kids and that they suggested to us that she get and eye exam.

I think she will be amazed at the world when we pick up her glasses next week.

I still remember asking my mom, “what are all those white dots in the sky?” after picking up my first pair of glasses when I was eight years old.

“Those are stars, honey.”


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Our Halloween Stylist

One year my brother Ryan and I each won first place for our age groups at our church Halloween party. It was 1983.

ry kim halloween

Doesn’t Ryan make a cute little old lady? He even walked the walk and talked the talk.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be. I just remember my mom pulling out the old suitcases full of dress up clothes and getting tied and wrapped up until she decided I was done. Mom always knew how to pull together a great last minute Halloween costume. I could use her this year for my kids.

My dad also dressed up as a little old lady that year. I am pretty sure it wasn’t his idea. He really loves my mom. I think the moustache really gives the costume a nice touch.

1983 10 31 Ryan Lynn Kimi

I asked Brett if he loves me enough to dress up like a little old lady for Halloween and he laughed. I won’t push it.

What were your most memorable Halloween costumes as a kid? If you post, or have posted, a picture on your blog link to the post in my comments so I can come laugh at you too.

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No One Is Happier…

Does anyone else remember this creepy version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” that came out in 1974? (three years before I was born)

It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I was so excited to find this clip. The music in the movie is catchy and unusual. This song (the most normal song in the show) got stuck in my head constantly as a kid and has even popped into my head off and on as an adult and I hadn’t even heard it for over twenty years!

As I browsed through other clips on YouTube I remembered how bizarre this movie is. I will have to watch it again before I decide if I will share this piece of my childhood with my kids.

I can still picture myself sprawled out on the orange carpet in the dining room while we watched this show on the tv that dad built.

What? Didn’t everyone have orange carpet in their dining room? (and kitchen)

Huh? Didn’t everybody’s dad build their tv?

A Model Student

One of my favorite nights while my mom was visiting we stayed up late telling stories to the kids about our childhood. We laughed and laughed at the kids reactions to the things we did as kids.

Mom, you thought you were getting back at me for telling the kids about how I liked to get my name on the board with lots of check marks when I was in kindergarten. You also thought it would be funny to tell them that when you went to my first parent teacher conference that year my teacher burst into tears when you walked in the door.

Well, Lincoln has told me at least once a day since you left…

“Mom, you were so good in kindergarten the teacher would put your name on the board and put check marks by your name all day because you were even gooder.”


“You were so good in kindergarten that your teacher cried when your mom went to see her. Mom, why would your teacher cry because you were so good?”

What can I say, Lincoln? I was just that good.


(just for the record…when my mom explained to me that my teacher cried at parent teacher conference, and that it is not a good thing to have your name on the board I immediately improved my behavior and the only bribery necessary was a Grover necklace.)