Getting Things In Focus

We took Luca to the eye doctor for the first time today and she picked out two pair of glasses.

luca close

As I sat and watched her struggle to read the top line of the chart with her left eye I felt like an idiot for missing the signs.

She had fairly frequent headaches that I attributed to diet or fatigue.

She has been “winking” frequently with one eye. Now I can see that she wasn’t winking, but she was squinting so she could see better with her other eye.

I am grateful her school nurse does eye tests with the kids and that they suggested to us that she get and eye exam.

I think she will be amazed at the world when we pick up her glasses next week.

I still remember asking my mom, “what are all those white dots in the sky?” after picking up my first pair of glasses when I was eight years old.

“Those are stars, honey.”


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