Fun At A Baptism? Whodda Thunk It?

I took the three older kids to the baptism of one of Luca’s friends today. I expected to be spiritually edified, but I didn’t realize I would be thoroughly entertained as well.

After Rebekah was baptized her family, the primary president, the stake president, and my kids and I went to another room to wait for her and her dad to change out of her wet clothes so she could be confirmed. We watched a little video with a message from President Hinckley. When the video was over Rebekah had still not returned so the stake president asked us “Does anyone have a memory or something about President Hinckley that they would like to share?”

After a few silly comments like, “He was old!” and “He didn’t like to wear shoes!” (he did say he didn’t like to wear shoes as a child) Luca piped up with, “He was born in 1910!”

The stake president chuckled and paused for a minute and said, “That’s right. Do you think you will live as long as he did?”

Rebekah’s brother muttered, “only if she has a really good health care plan.”

I am glad I didn’t have gum in my mouth. It would have become lodged in my nose at that point. He is only eleven years old.

Then the primary president stood up to share some words and she read a scripture about the “natural man” and explained what that meant. She explained that we are the natural man when we don’t have the Holy Ghost to guide us, but when we are baptized and then receive the Holy Ghost we gain a whole new level of understanding.

Rebekah’s oldest brother chimes in, “ya, it is like having a super power!”

The primary president, who I love, laughed and said, “That is what I wanted to say, but I was worried it was on the verge of being irreverent. I knew I could count on one of you boys to say it!”

As we were leaving Anna said, “Mom, did Joseph the Baptizer baptize Jesus or Heavenly Father?” (Joseph?) It was a good thing we were already out of the building, because I had held onto my reverence as long as I could and I finally burst into laughter.

It was a wonderful time to share with friends and I left feeling warm, happy and spiritually fed.


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