My Week In Review

I can’t concentrate long enough to write a decent post on a single topic, so here are a few things that went on at our house this week:

* Kai had two two top teeth break through and two more are on the verge.

* I attempted to make homemade vanilla yogurt but it didn’t set up. It should be good in some fruit smoothies. I will try again next week.

* I baked bread twice and both times I let it raise too much. The first loaf continued to raise in the oven and halfway through cooking it I had to lower the rack because the top of the bread was touching the heating element. The kids thought it was cool. Even though they looked funny they tasted great. (The bread, not the kids.)

* After working in Lincoln’s classroom I was very grateful to be in the right place at the right time as Luca was having a rough day and I was able to check her out of school during lunch and library time and give her a dose of baby brother and a hot chocolate with whipped cream to cheer her up.

* The embarrassment and frustration of my three wiggly and chatty younger children during the school veteran’s day assembly was made worth it when I saw the look on their faces when they saw the picture of their grandma and grandpa in the slide show. It made me cry when baby Kai raised his arms to the big screen and called out, “Nana!”

* I memorized three out of four pages of one of my favorite piano songs, “The Snowman” by George Winston. I have never been good at memorizing, but I decided I wanted to learn this song in time for the holidays. You can hear a little clip of the song here.

* I surprised Anna by making meatloaf for dinner last night. “Meatloaf” has been her favorite word for a couple of months even though she had never had it and had no idea what it was. She says things like, “It smells like meatloaf in here” when the pediatrician walks into the exam room, or “maybe it’s meatloaf” when we found an unidentifiable lump of something under the couch (it turned out to be a half chewed tootsie roll). I can’t figure out how this started. She giggled and giggled when I told her we were having it for dinner and she loved it.

* I had an idea for an online adventure computer game while reading “Mirror Mirror” by Gregory Maguire. Then I realized I am not a computer programmer and I probably won’t be able to make it. Also, when I tried to explain it to Brett it didn’t sound as exciting as when I thought of it. But I had a lot of fun dreaming it up. (I bet that took a few of you a little by surprise. Yes, I am a 32…no…31 year old stay-at-home and I enjoy video games. Not that I get the chance to play very often.)

* I found two flameless pillar candles at Target on clearance for $3 a piece, which was the icing on the cake to an all around good week. (similar to this, but in red and without scent, and you can blow them out!)

* Oh ya! And THIS!


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