Feeling Grateful For…

My brother and his family, who invited us over to their beautiful home for Thanksgiving.

Another Thanksgiving guest who ran home to grab some Benadryl for my boy, who forgot about his allergy and decided to play in a bowl of nuts. She had just sat down with a dished up plate of food when he broke out in hives, but didn’t hesitate to leave it to help out our miserably uncomfortable child.

Online shopping.

A husband who supports me so I can be home with the kids, and who wants me to be home with them as much I want to be home with them…and for so many other reasons that I can’t possibly list them all. (but I have to include “rubs my feet!”)

Friends that let me bounce ideas off of them.

My daughter’s school teacher who just “gets” her…and cares.

My bread maker that has risen from the dead after eight years in a box.

The gate in my backyard that leads to my friends door.

My space heater that warms my cold feet.

A mother who is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh at my jokes.

A father who always has the answer I need and who teaches me something new every time we talk.

Digital Cameras so I can mess up as much as it takes to get the shot.


Down pillows…many of them all piled up on my side of the bed.

A husband who lets all the down pillows be on my side of the bed.

The soft little baby hand that plays with my hair and strokes my cheek while he nurses.

The little girl who will nap with me any time I ask.

The boy who gets upset if I don’t touch his blankets before he goes to bed.

The old dog who would rather sleep on the hard floor at my feet than on her soft bed across the room, and who lays in the hall to wait for me every time I go to the bathroom.

Dark chocolate.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law for so many reasons (including the next on my list).

A fantastic trip to Disneyland that brought joy to and created memories for my kids.

People who forgive me and understand when I get forgetful, which unfortunately is not uncommon.

People who forgive me and understand when I don’t feel like being social.

Everyone that loves or helps my children.

A loving Heavenly Father who continually blesses me and lifts me even when I feel undeserving.


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