A Fun Way To Count Down To Christmas

We started a new tradition last year that turned out to be a hit. I read about it on a blog last year and knew it was something I wanted to start for our family. I have searched through some of the blogs I read trying to find out who wrote about it so I could give them credit, but I could not find it. Please tell me if it was you that gave me this great idea!

Xmas books

Last year I gathered up all of our Christmas books and with the help of an early Christmas gift from my mom, I wrapped enough books so the kids could open one each day from December 1st until Christmas Eve. I put tags on each gift with the date that they could open it. When the book of the day was opened we all piled on the couch to read it together. After a book is open we put it back in the basket so they can look at the open books whenever they want throughout the month.

This year I had some extra books so we started the day after Thanksgiving.

…and I still have some extra books so there are three days that have a book for each of them to open.

My name is Kim and I have a book addiction.

I was proud of myself for having the books wrapped the week before Thanksgiving, but my game plan for next year is to wrap the books before we put the Christmas decorations away this year. Then I can use up the rest of the rolls of wrapping paper and not have to store them until next year, and it will knock one thing off my list of things to do before Christmas.

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