Dear Santa…or Whoever

We were sitting around the kitchen table chatting and the kids were writing on a dry erase board. Luca wrote:

Dear Santa,

Lincoln has been very very bad this year so please bring all his toys to me instead.



She hee-hawed while reading it to us and of course Lincoln got mad. He said, “Fine, I will write a letter to Santa too!”

We all stopped to see what he would come up with since he only writes a few words.

He sat there staring at the whiteboard for a few seconds and then said, “I am just going to write, ‘Dear Apple’ instead of ‘Dear Santa’”.

I think his list of wants included some “apple, Anna, Mom, Dad, love, pee, and poop”. I think it is time to teach him how to write a few more words. (no, I did NOT teach him how to write “pee” and “poop”! I can thank Luca for that.”


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