Santa’s Bringing You What?!

Christmas Eve sitting around the living room enjoying the Christmas tree. Anna snuggled up under my arm with a look of total contentment on her face. The lights are dimmed. I am feeling peaceful and starting to drift off to sleep.

Anna: I am so happy. I have been a really good girl and I know Santa is going to bring me a bear maker because it is what I asked him for.

(sound of record scratching)

Me: Uhhh, you stay here. I will be back in a sec.

Ten seconds later

Me downstairs whispering into cell phone to Brett who is on his way home: *%$@!!! Stop at every Target on the way home until you find a bear maker thingy in the toy section!! Don’t even look at the price or stop to think about how stupid you think it is, just GET IT!!

(Thank goodness Santa pulled through because Anna HAS been a good girl.)


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