Twelve Years


Today marks 12 years of marriage for Brett and I. I wouldn’t even know where to start so here are a few things that make me smile when thinking of our years together:

* The long late night phone calls where I fell in love with his deep outbursts of laughter long before I saw his face for the first time.

* Leaning on him at the airport just before we had to say goodbye for the first time.

* Hearing, “I love you” for the first time and feeling relief that it wasn’t just me feeling it.

* Moving our wedding date up three times because we couldn’t stand to be apart.

* Late night walks in the rain from our Capitol Hill apartment to downtown Seattle to get hot chocolate.

* Making out in the hotel pools when I was able to tag along on business trips. Sorry parents of kids in the shallow end. I was a newlywed and didn’t really notice there were other people around.

* Him wiping the bird poop off my head with his shirt. That is devotion.

* Eating McDonalds on the floor of our first house because we didn’t own a table.

* The crooked grin and dazed look on his face when I told him he was going to be a daddy.

* Him cleaning up all of the accidents our puppy had because I was pregnant and sick.

* The admiring looks he gave me after giving birth to our babies.

* Him holding each our our babies for the first time.

* The understanding, support, and encouragement I got when breastfeeding wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

* The long commute and hours at work so that I could stay home with our children.

* Him driving to work in the old Volvo, whose wiper was held in place by a bungee chord and duct tape and had no heater, so that I could have the good car “just in case” I wanted to get out of the house.

* All the jokes that I didn’t realize were jokes at the time, but found myself laughing at days later.

* All the many many foot rubs. (and the many more to come!)

* Holding hands across the table during a rare meal without children.

* The replacement sunglasses I found in my desk drawer after losing my very expensive first pair. Totally undeserved, but completely appreciated.

* Him blessing and praying for our children when they are sick or struggling.

* The shared love of music.

* Being told how pretty he thinks I am, even when I haven’t had time for a shower that day.

* Him telling me he loves my body, even when I still have evidence of pregnancy wrapped around my middle.

* All the kid puke he has cleaned up because I gag at the thought of it.

* All the late night chats hours after we have laid down to go to sleep.

* The laughter, the tears, the love, the pain, the commonalities, the differences, the humor, the growth, the tenderness, the sacrifice, the spark, and all that is yet to come.


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