Cherish The Moments

I wrapped a fluffy warm towel around Luca as she walked out of the baptismal font and hurried her into the dressing room. I couldn’t stop my eyes from filling up with tears. She was shivering and smiling and her face glowed.

“Brrrrrr! What do I do with these wet clothes?” she giggled, as she struggled to pull the wet jumpsuit off.

I giggled back as I helped her pull the wet clothes off of her warm wiggly body.

I slowed down as I was buttoning up the buttons on the darling dress we had picked out for her. I wanted the moment to last as long as we could stretch it out, without making the guests in the room outside the door wait too long.

I breathed in the smell of her clean hair as she struggled to put her little white eyelet lace socks on her damp feet. We giggled again as we realized they were inside out and I had to turn them around and put them back on her feet.

Lu's baptism

I had a brief flash of what it will be like when I am helping her dress as she is ready to go through the temple for the first time, and then again as she is dressing for her wedding.

I would like to have a picture of the look between her and her dad as they stepped into the water and he took her hands and bent over to whisper comfort in her ear as he prepared to baptize her. She didn’t look nervous, just a little jittery and excited, as she looked at him with total trust. Was it really eight years ago today that I watched him hold her for the first time and kiss her soft little newborn forehead?

I wish I could pack up these moments and put them in a pretty little box with a bow so I could revisit them whenever I need a reminder of how blessed I am.


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