Take A Look At Us Now

I found a folder full of letters that Brett and I wrote each other while we were dating, when we were engaged, and when we were newlyweds separated by business trips. Oh, the fun we used to have! Our gushy words would probably make anyone else nauseous, but it made me have butterflies all over again.

We’ve gone from living in a beautiful and exciting city we love…to living in suburbia, where we said we wouldn’t be caught dead.

Late night walks in the rain to get hot chocolate… to late night drives to the store for diapers and children’s Tylenol.

Late night talks in the dark while we lay cuddling in bed…to exhausting late nights taking turns putting kids back to bed.

Dinner at a fancy restaurant, on a Tuesday night, for no reason at all…to eating McDonald’s drive-through in the parking lot because it is too much hassle to haul the family inside.

Fun vacations for two to New York, Las Vegas, and Orlando…to 16 hour road trips in a van with bored and tired children.

Seeing movies in a THEATRE (remember those?) on a regular basis…to having four kids sprawled across us on the couches at home while we watch Smurfs and Scooby-Doo.

Cedar plank salmon, crab legs, and New York cheesecake…to macaroni and cheese with hotdogs, and popsicles.

Quiet…to never quiet.

Two…to six.

As much fun as we had…I wouldn’t go back for a second. This is what is all about. Thank you for companionship, love, laughter, fun, growth, and our babies.

Happy Father’s Day!

To My Dad

You taught me about the world.

You taught me how to trust.

You taught me the Gospel.

You taught me that my dad could also be my friend.

You taught me how to comfort…

and cherish my babies.

I love you Dad! Thank you for being my teacher, father, and friend.

Toilet Paper Tube Dolls

A few weeks ago, after listening to what felt like hours of complaints of boredom, we pulled out the craft bin and the kids and I came up with these cute toilet paper tube dolls.


We used toilet paper tubes, sharpies, scissors, a hole puncher, yarn, hot glue gun, fabric scraps and ribbon.

Lincoln made an alien by adding many plastic googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms and legs, and pom poms. Unfortunately, his little alien friend did not survive the rough play of a six year old boy long enough for me to get a picture of it.

Next time we will try making cars out of the tubes.