On Being A Big Brother

The kids came home from a primary (church) activity today, which was breakfast with their new teachers, and Lincoln said, “I’m hungry.”

“Didn’t you eat pancakes at the activity?”

“Well, I only ate one. I ran out of time.”

(pancakes are his very favorite food and he can easily eat three or four)

“Hmmm…did you end up at the end of the line or did you talk to your friends and not make it back for more?”

“No. I got my pancake and sat by Anna and then I had to cut her pancake for her and it took me awhile because it kept slipping around on the plate. Then I had to cut mine, and by the time I was done I had to hurry and eat it because it was almost over.”

He shrugged and walked away.

Instant tears for me. This was exactly what I needed to boost my spirit today. It has been a very long week full of frustrations and kids fighting. I have been in tears or near tears more times than I want to admit, but these tears were good tears.


Next time I hear them fighting I am going to imagine Lincoln leaning over to cut his little sister’s pancake while his pancake sat untouched on his plate. I am going to imagine how hungry he must have been because it was 10:30am and he had not had a thing to eat yet. And I am going to remember how he mentioned it nonchalantly and how he didn’t boast about his good deed or complain or whine about how it made him run out of time so he couldn’t get more food. How he didn’t even get that he had done something nice.

It just was what it was. He knew she needed help so he helped.

Gosh, I love that kid.


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