You Probably Noticed

“You probably noticed that I got new glasses,” my kindergartner said to a boy from her class.

We had joined a family in town for a Memorial Day barbecue and I couldn’t help but notice my daughter’s attempts to catch the eye of her classmate.

“Mmmm, sure,” he replied without turning his head to see new glasses that she was referring to. He couldn’t have been less interested.

I saw disappointment briefly flash across her face before she shrugged and skipped away to find someone else to show her new frames to.

I wanted to take the little boy’s hand and turn him around and point to her glasses and say, “See! See how cute they are? Don’t they frame her eyes so beautifully and bring out the natural blush color in her cheeks? Can’t you see that?!”

I cared more than she did. I didn’t want her to feel hurt or rejection, until I realized…she didn’t. She had moved on. She was now singing and twirling in the other corner of the yard.

How many times have I told my children, “don’t worry what anyone else thinks!”? Too many. I am now wondering if caring what others think is something kids learn from adults.

Next time someone hurts my feelings I am going to try shrugging, smiling, and skipping off. I think it will feel great!


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