No One Is Happier…

Does anyone else remember this creepy version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” that came out in 1974? (three years before I was born)

It was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I was so excited to find this clip. The music in the movie is catchy and unusual. This song (the most normal song in the show) got stuck in my head constantly as a kid and has even popped into my head off and on as an adult and I hadn’t even heard it for over twenty years!

As I browsed through other clips on YouTube I remembered how bizarre this movie is. I will have to watch it again before I decide if I will share this piece of my childhood with my kids.

I can still picture myself sprawled out on the orange carpet in the dining room while we watched this show on the tv that dad built.

What? Didn’t everyone have orange carpet in their dining room? (and kitchen)

Huh? Didn’t everybody’s dad build their tv?

A Model Student

One of my favorite nights while my mom was visiting we stayed up late telling stories to the kids about our childhood. We laughed and laughed at the kids reactions to the things we did as kids.

Mom, you thought you were getting back at me for telling the kids about how I liked to get my name on the board with lots of check marks when I was in kindergarten. You also thought it would be funny to tell them that when you went to my first parent teacher conference that year my teacher burst into tears when you walked in the door.

Well, Lincoln has told me at least once a day since you left…

“Mom, you were so good in kindergarten the teacher would put your name on the board and put check marks by your name all day because you were even gooder.”


“You were so good in kindergarten that your teacher cried when your mom went to see her. Mom, why would your teacher cry because you were so good?”

What can I say, Lincoln? I was just that good.


(just for the record…when my mom explained to me that my teacher cried at parent teacher conference, and that it is not a good thing to have your name on the board I immediately improved my behavior and the only bribery necessary was a Grover necklace.)

Do You Want To Play?

sweet linc

I worried about how Lincoln would adjust socially to kindergarten. He is very sensitive and tends to get his feelings hurt easily. He is the type of kid that in the past has waited to be invited to play with a group rather than walk up and ask if he can join them.

We were walking home from the bus yesterday and as usual I asked him how his day went. He proceeded to tell me what they had for snack and about the boy on the bus that tries to kiss the girls.

Then I asked him what he did at recess and who he played with.

“I played with Laura”, he replied. (name changed)

I tried not to act surprised as he mentioned a very quiet and reserved girl in his class. When I volunteered in his class last week I noticed that she didn’t talk to or play with a single person during their twenty minute recess. She just paced back and forth across the playground with her head down. I mentioned to him that she seemed shy and probably needed someone to ask her to play.

“Oh! That is nice. What did you do?” I then asked.

“Well…I asked her if she wanted to play tag and she just walked away. Then I asked her if she wanted to play something else and she just walked away again. So then I asked her if she wanted to swing and she said, ‘okay’, so we swinged. She told me she can even pump all by herself like me.”

When I was five I am pretty sure that if I had asked someone to play and they had ignored me and walked away I wouldn’t have tried again…at least not right then.

I was proud of my boy for finding a common interest with this sweet shy little girl and making a new friend.

And best of all he didn’t even realize that what he had done was valiant. He was just being Lincoln.

Another lesson from a son to his mother who sometimes gets too busy or caught up in her own world and doesn’t notice the people around that might need to be asked to play.

Not Worth The Savings

I learned a lesson this week. For the fourth time.


I was just trying to save a little money. The Walgreens brand diapers were buy one, get one free! I could get two bags of diapers for $5 less than one bag of the brand of diapers I usually get.

I am sorry Kai.

kai rash

I know it itches and you can’t stand to keep your hands off of it even long enough for me to snap a picture.


But thank you for having such a great attitude about it and giving me such a great shot of your tooth.

happy kai

I vow from now until the time you get your first package of big boy boxer/briefs that I will only buy Pampers or Huggies.

I tried Wal-Mart’s generic diapers with Luca and she leaked on EVERY diaper and broke out in a terrible rash.

I don’t remember which store brand I tried with Lincoln, but I do remember the bleeding blisters that came along with his rash.

I tried Luv’s with Anna and they leaked everywhere a couple of times a day. I had to change them so often I didn’t save a dime by not buying Pampers.

Brett brought home Luv’s for Kai a few weeks ago and every morning diaper had leaked onto his jammies and sheets. He didn’t get a rash, but again, we didn’t save any money because I had to change him so often.

I will be taking back one full bag of the Walgreen’s diapers and throwing out 3/4 of the other bag.


What Happens When You Interrupt A Mom While She Is Cleaning

Anna: Mom, will you get me some milk?

Me: Just a minute, let me finish washing these dishes.

Anna: Mom, will you PLEASE get me some milk?

Me: I told you I want to finish this first.

(thirty seconds later)

Anna: Mom, can you get me some milk now?

Me: hold on!

(45 seconds later)

Anna: Mom, I am sooo thirsty and I really need my milk now.


(a minute after handing her a cup)

Anna (laughing hysterically): MOM! You gave me Diet Coke!!

Me: huh?

Anna: And I even drank some!

Me: What? Huh?…..Oops. hehe.

(five minutes later..after drinking the Diet Coke so I could refill her cup with milk)

Anna: Mom, when I burp it tastes like Diet Coke.

Make Them Smile

My mom and I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s today. They ask to go almost every weekend, but the running joke at our house is that it gives me a headache (not a joke to me…it really does give me a headache) so we don’t go very often.

After attending the funeral of a little girl that lived in our community I came home wanting to do something to make my kids smile.


It worked.

Anna loved the ride that took pictures and of the 12 or so tokens she had to spend she spent nine of them there. She put all her pictures in a sandwich baggie when she got home and hid them in her pajama drawer. She finally relented and let me “borrow” one to scan.

I love that girl.

Thinking about Mara and her family makes me want to hold all the kids a little harder and a little longer. If you read through her website I am sure you will be touched in the same way.

Did Someone Borrow My Mind And Forget To Return It?

Today my mom and I decided to go pick Luca up at school and go for a little ride. We may have also been planning on picking up diet cokes at Frugals, but ONLY because it was on the way to…uh…our ride.

I got all the kids loaded up and mom and I got belted in when mom asked, “Is Elka in the house?” (Elka is our dog)

“I think so, but I better run in and check.”

So I go back in the house and call Elka’s name and pat her head as she runs down the stairs.

Then I sit down at my computer.

Check my mail.

Read a couple of blogs from my reader.

I was in no hurry.

Then I had a picture flash into my head of three little kids and my mother sitting in the car. What was I doing sitting at my computer while they were sitting at the car? I felt confused, disoriented, and lost.

I stumbled to the car in my fog and opened the door and asked mom, “Why did I go in the house?”

“To see if Elka was inside. Was she?”

“Uhhhhh…….” (more confusion)

I won’t mention how I forgot to pick Luca up from piano lessons yesterday. The phone rang and I answered and a little voice said, “Moooooom”.

“I will be there in two minutes!!”

For both incidents I had the same feeling that I get when for a minute I lose all sense of time. Like, I can’t remember if it is winter or summer or what year it is.

Please tell me you do that too.