Thank you for Santa

I have had to resort to Santa threats about three times this year and I figure we have enough time left for one or two more.

The first time the kids would not stay in their beds and I was getting very frustrated. My friend Michelle that lives behind me called and we were chatting and she said, “Do you want me to send Bil over with sleigh bells?” Within five minutes the kids were quiet as mice as they stared wide eyed at their ceilings while sleigh bells jingled under their bedroom windows.

The next time Luca was being a pill and would not stay in bed. I yelled down the hall, “I can call Santa!! I know his number!!” Luca is very quick and she responded in a testy voice, “what is his number?” It threw me off a little and after a second I replied, “I don’t have it memorized, but I can look it up on the internet!” That seemed to work and she ran back to bed and didn’t come out again.

Tonight Anna came downstairs for the third time in about eight minutes so I could help her put her pants back on after going potty. She really uses her newly acquired potty skills to her advantage and knows that going to the bathroom is almost always an excuse that she can get out of bed for. This last time was enough for me so I said, “Anna if you don’t stay in your bed I am going to have to call Santa and talk to him about your not staying in your bed”. She looked up at me sweetly and said, “Mommy, don’t call Santa. He will be mean at me for not going to bed. I go to bed now”. THAT one almost made me feel guilty…but then she went to bed and I was over it!


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