Getting Ready for Kindergarten

I took Lincoln with me to Kai’s checkup the other day. On the way out I stopped to see if I could move up Lincoln’s checkup so we could get his immunizations out of the way. He has been stressing out about it for almost a year now (since his friend told him about the two BIG shots he would have to get for kindergarten) and I wanted to end the worry for him.

They were great and said they could do his shots right then with a nurse and just keep his regular appointment that we had already made.

When Lincoln realized what was happening he flipped out. I had to drag him while he screamed and kicked and tried to escape. Kai was sleeping in the carseat that was slung over my arm so the reception took him from me and offered to watch him while we went back. I put Lincoln up on the table and he made a leap for the door. I caught him just before he landed on his butt on the floor. I have never heard the poor boy scream like that and it broke my heart that he was so terrified.

We finally got him pinned down and two nurses each gave him a shot in a leg at the same time. As soon as the needles hit his leg he stopped screaming and said, “that wasn’t very bad.”

Afterwards, on the way to get a treat (because his friend also told him that when you get shots you always get to go get a donut with your mom) he informed me, “Mom, I am more braver now than I was this morning. If I ever have to do it again I will not even be scared at all.”

I was glad he learned a lesson and I was happy that he was so proud of himself. Of course, we went home and told his sisters how brave and tough and strong he was to get two shots!

Here is my brave boy with mud on his face from playing soccer.

DSC_1913 Large Web view

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