Would You Rather…

Last night the kids and I spread out sleeping bags on the living room floor, turned on all the lighted Halloween decorations, turned out all the lights, and played “Would You Rather” for two hours.

You don’t have to spend ten dollars to play our version. You just need a few kids, a good imagination, and a strong stomach (if your kids are like mine).

It started innocently enough with a question like this:

Me: Would you rather live in a tree house in the forest or live under water and be able to breathe like a fish.

Lincoln: Under water!

Anna: Tree house!

Luca: Neither! If you lived in a tree house and had to get up to go to the bathroom at night and someone left a door open you would fall out of the tree. If you lived under water a shark or a big fish might eat you. (Can you say “Debbie Downer”?!)

We then played with each other’s emotions with questions like this:

Luca: Would you rather never be able to go to Disneyland again but keep Kai, or take him back to the hospital and go to Disneyland every year?

Lincoln: Keep Kai!

Me: Keep Kai!

Anna: If we took Kai back and went to Disneyland could we get a baby sister when we got home?

It went slightly down hill after about an hour with the following:

Lincoln: Would you rather lick Anna’s hands clean or sniff Elka’s bum. (Elka is the dog)

Unanimous: Sniff Elka’s Bum!

And then I knew I had lost control with this:

Anna: Would you rather kiss somebody’s butt or kiss somebody’s lips?

Luca: Anna! (giggle giggle)

Me: Anna Lynn!

Lincoln: Hmmmm…..Ummmm….That is a HARD one!

Even Kai laid down with us on the floor and finally at 11pm they started nodding off one by one…including the mom! (dad was already asleep on the couch)

Later, as I was drifting off to sleep in bed I thought of Lincoln struggling to decide if he would rather kiss someone’s lips or butt and I laughed myself awake.


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